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With architects and staff from various backgrounds of architectural educations and other experiences, Amar DeXign Scape brings individual strengths together to create the best possible outcome on all types of projects, anywhere in the world. In our practice, passionate young architects work alongside the most experienced hands, integrating wisdom with fresh creativity. Our commitment to design and development has allowed us to bring our combined expertise to bear on an unprecedented range of projects across India and other countries.

Mr. Suresh Mohan,
Principal Designer
Mr. Sivasakthivel
Executive Director
Mr. Ganesan
Managing Director

Mr. Suresh Mohan began his career in 2002 as an interior fit out contractor for numerous projects around India. In 2008, he became linked with architect Ganesh, where he acquired a variety of software and architecture abilities. He has a strong desire to start a business in this industry. As the founder and Director of Amar DeXign Scape, his aspirations came true. He oversees projects ranging from high-rise and low-rise home developments to commercial mixed-use developments, including offices, hotels, and institutional buildings, in his capacity as design director. He has been producing hand-drawn and digital graphics for 13 years. He doesn't just practise; in addition to that, he also travels to different parts of the world to study the aesthetics of their architecture and interior design. He is adamant that "experience in the real world can educate us far better than academics can".

Mr. Sivasakthivel is Amar DeXign Scape's co-founder and director.He oversees a variety of projects as the execution director, from institutional projects to high-rise and low-rise housing projects, mixed-use developments including offices and hotels, and more. He can effectively lead the execution team and get everything done quickly and affordably because of his outstanding communication abilities. He serves as a conduit between the client and the execution team, enabling both parties to enjoy a successful project completion. Budget management was not a simple assignment, but it wasn't a problem for him because he had excellent bargaining skills, certain that will benefit his clients

Mr. Ganesan was the father of Mr. Suresh and Mr. Shiva. As the CEO and Director of Amar DeXign Scape family, he was in the glass trade company in his earlier years. Through his business, the two men were able to gain a foundational understanding of management and business principles. Since the start of this company, he has been in charge of all financial chores. He gives his sons every available guidance and inspires them to achieve their objectives.

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Ar. Suki Shree,
Senior Architect
Soho Architecture
Ar. Renganayaki,
Senior Architect
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Ar. Nandhini,
Junior Architect
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Er. Marilakshmi,
Structure Engineer
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Project Engineer
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Site Engineer
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Anto Roselin,